13 April 2016

Oxfam Volunteer film

4 April 2016

Julian & Jessica. Manchester

Commission for Cyclefit. The senior nerds of the elite bike fitting game.

3 March 2016

NB x Size

Making it happen… 1 days notice, no assist. Direct/shoot/edit

WPA. Monkey

WPA. Office

14 February 2016
Great Mell Fell, Cumbria

Great Mell Fell, Cumbria

Tough 5 day shoot in the Lakes with my surrogate Cumbrian family

29 January 2016


Hairdresser in Garment workers area: Hlaing Thar Yar. Myanmar

Hairdresser in Garment workers area: Hlaing Thar Yar. Myanmar

Thanks so much to Oxfam for the opportunity to travel to Myanmar with actor Bill Nighy to highlight the plight of the garment workers as they fight for equality in a rapidly changing country. Really miss this place.


2 December 2015


3 Trees

Ludowy Park

Back from Cameraimage festival in Poland… Walked a lot, early. Too full of dumplings and cheap beer to sleep in.


Carhart Booth at Exhibition space.

Dirt to dust book for site

Book Published by 1980 Editions. Paris


Audience at the film screening.

The Dirt to Dust book project on a 3 week trip to Mongolia I shot for Carhart Clothing was Exhibited in Berlin and the book shown at Arles this part month. I missed both events for work. Absolutely gutted.


Client: New Balance

Halfway up a 90 degree scree slope underneath the Napes Needle in Cumbria we decided to call it quits. The small bottle of water between three of us had run out about 4 hours since the packet of hotel biscuits did. I’ve gone to some lengths in the past for sports shoe photography, but this one nailed them all.

Souvenir stall. Karakorum

Spent a couple of days in Paris last week courtesy of the gentlemen at Carhart WIP, to finalise layout for the up-n-coming ‘Dirt to Dust’ book about our time in Mongolia last year. Book launch and exhibition in Berlin later this month, pretty over-excitable about it all atm!


Jerome Campbell. Ulan Bator